How does Google rank Apps? The reasons are: Retention of an App; Number of Downloads; Download Growth; User Ratings and Reviews; Regular App Updates; Page Rank; Social Media “Rep”; The Keyword Rate Factor; Video Demonstration.Of course, before starting to promote your app - be sure that your app has gorgeous-looking Icon, good screenshots and full description. And follow this tips:

Tip 1. Better start to promote your app asap after launching to Play Store.

Tip 2. Important key factor is how many installs your app gets during first days. For this reason, use incentive installs. Companies like CPIMobi works pretty good and gives you up to 2 000 daily installs.

Tip 3. Use forums - such us Making Money With Android Forum, AppBrain, xda-developers forum. This is a good space for getting reviews and share information about your new product.

Tip 4. Create a microsite for your app. Use the landing page to feature screenshots and videos of your apps. This will lend a helping hand to bloggers who are thinking about featuring your apps in their articles.

Tip 5. Experiment with ASO Optimization. ASO is essentially search engine optimisation(SEO) for App store and Google Play.Similar to SEO, ASO focuses on the relevancy of keywords and the density of keywords in your description.With more than half of total smartphone users finding apps with search queries, it’s one of the most important things you can do to promote your app.

Tip 6. Make Facebook/Twitter/etc page for your app and write story of your game there to attract more users.

Tip 7. Make the video as informative and flashy as possible and share it on Youtube. YouTube can be the required catalyst that will make your app go viral. Make the video as informative and flashy as possible. If you’ve done a good job with the video, it will help a great deal in creating awareness for your product.

All of this tips are puzzles of one marketing strategy picture. So, be careful and work in all ways that will help to promote your app and make it visible to users. When organic installs traffic growth, you will get to the Top.